About Us

From New York to Lahore (FNTL) brings forward fashion, entertainment, travel and lifestyle of Pakistan, USA and beyond. It bridges the gap between two very different, yet very similar, cultures. FNTL explores the diverse lifestyle and ideas,of both cities and beyond, and shares all the beauty and fun within them. From fashion weeks to concerts, through to personalized interviews with upcoming talent and celebrities to travel dairies – FNTL will share it all!

From New York to Lahore (FNTL), was born on one random night in Brooklyn, NY when Lauren and Zara were catching up after a long break from school. The two were brought together by fate, when in the fall of 2011 residential life at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) made them roommates. Since then they have explored New York City together, learned more about their respective cultures, shared leftover pizza on many occasions, and painted the town red together!

About Zara

about ZaraZara is a graduate, in Advertising and Marketing Communications, from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), State University of New York. Zara has worked with multiple departments of FIT, the Village Voice publication and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Growing up in the cultural heart of Pakistan, Lahore, Zara was always passionately curious about all forms of art that made her city so appealing.  As a child, she used to draw, paint and design; and thought that she would go to an art school and pursue her passion one day. But, as she grew as a person, she developed interest in the business world, too . To keep a balance and to have the best of both worlds, she decided to join FIT. She immersed herself in the art and culture of New York City, while keeping up with the business and editorial world academically. Though a scared little painter will always be a part of her, for now she is content with expressing her art through words.

About Lauren

About LaurenLauren attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied both Advertising and Marketing Communications as well as Fashion Merchandising Management. She now works as a fashion stylist for a major news network, Fox News.

Although Lauren ended up at FIT, she previously attended a different college for one year at a liberal arts school but wasn’t sure what to study. After finishing homework assignments and studying, Lauren always came back to fashion as her favorite hobby. Whether it was picking up a new fashion magazine, or buying some fabric to sew something together, she realized she could try to make her hobby into a career. She transfered to FIT, and didn’t look back. Lauren now resides in Brooklyn, NY and is grateful that she has a day job that she absolutely loves!

Our Team

Shiza ShahzadShiza Shahzad

Food Lover/Editor

Shiza has been hearing, “yeh itna sarah khana jata kahan hai?” (where does all this food go?). This phrase aptly describes this girl’s love for food! It was always really amusing for her to see everyones’ reactions when they get to know that this tiny, petite, girl has an appetite of a king and eats like a pig. Even though her size is probably an insult to her Kashmiri descent but her deep, intense love affair with food kind of makes up for it!

Up until now, the love affair had been discreet, trapped in a grey area and hence not ready to be celebrated. But now Shiza feels it has reached a stage where she has become secure and confident and absolutely ready and eager to flaunt it to the world!

Currently, residing in Dubai, luckily Shiza has the opportunity to try out different food chains and local gems there and around the world as well. So, FNTL is just an opportunity for her to celebrate certain sentiments about food and reach out to all the food lovers!

Ron Rotem ZiedmanRon Rotem Ziedman

Food Lover/Editor

Ron is a self-proclaimed “Global Citizen”, with New York City (NYC) as his home base. After attending school at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in the heart of NYC, he discovered a lot about the city he called home. More specifically, Ron explored many amazing food spots and found numerous gems! As a major foodie, that too in true New York fashion, by not being able to cook at his tiny kitchen and strictly eating out, he stumbled upon many culinary treasures! At last, Ron has decided to share his best and finest suggestions with the world, and write about them for FNTL.

These days, Ron is writing for various blogs and Internet sources about his love for food and life in general. He is always happy to hear feedback and receive recommendations about places to check out as well. Do not hesitate to contact Ron and comment on his posts, especially if you would like him to review one of your favorite places!