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Wondering what products to splurge on next? Here are our top makeup essentials for you to try out! For most of my life, I went with the “I’m invincible” mentality when it came to skin care and beauty regimes. I washed my face with soap, put some kajal on, and I was good to go! But after becoming a major Sephora junkie, I have realised maintaining a beauty routine with good makeup essentials is key to looking radiant and beautiful! I used to live a beauty product free life. But

Editor Test: Mascara

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Here are the top picks for Mascara – tried and tested by FNTL’s very own! The one thing I throw on my face before going out in public is hands down, mascara. Whether I overslept for something or don’t feel like doing my usual make up routine for brunch, it helps me feel more put together. It’s one of the most ultimate minimalist beauty tips! I have rounded up some of my favorites from different price ranges and here are the top picks: 1. Maybelline – Great Lash Mascara You

Maybelline New York signs Ayesha Omar as the brand’s spokesperson in Pakistan! Maybelline New York announces one of Pakistan’s most popular, watched and recognized actors, Ayesha Omar, as their celebrity spokesperson in Pakistan. “We are excited to welcome the multi-talented Ayesha Omar as our spokesperson in Pakistan. She embodies the brand values and represents Maybelline New York women all over the world who are smart, ambitious, and full of life,” said Farooq Ahmed, General Manager, Consumer Products Division, at L’Oreal Pakistan.  “I am absolutely delighted to be the spokesperson for

If you haven’t gotten on the highlighters bandwagon just yet, let us try to convince you – Applying highlighter in a C-shape next to your eyes will catch the light and practically give your face an Instagram filter! You can use it solo or add to blush, just be sure to blend the product into your skin. Many highlighters come in glue stick type applicators, a powder compact or even as a liquid that you paint onto your skin. Another bonus? They’re typically offered in shade options for different skin

Firstly ladies, it’s not a MAN bun if it’s on your head – ITS’ JUST A BUN! Now, that we have that off our chest, here are reasons why we are so over this trend: You Look like a Hot Mess: If you are putting effort to get your hair done then you might as well do something better with it. This bun is not worth the effort, since we think you hardly look put together. This trend was there to quickly throw your hair together on top of your head and not

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