The 3 Minute Minimalist Make Up Routine

The 3 Minute Minimalist MakeUp Routine - Featured

Who doesn’t love a quick fix?

If you like to sleep in and want to save time in the morning, consider a quick minimalist makeup routine that doesn’t require you to be up at the crack of dawn. This really gets back to basics, and only the essentials. What are the three most important elements of your make up routine? Would you feel comfortable cutting back to only those steps?

In the summer I love a bright lip, bold brows and a little bit of powder to help my complexion and absorb oil. So I started owning that routine to save time. Hey, I love sleeping!

At first I couldn’t recognize myself without mascara, but after a couple days I got used to it, and would snooze later and later each morning. If you are very blessed and by some miracle you are a morning person, then all the power to you! But I can’t ignore how happy I have been with my speedy routine. Here my speedy morning routine favorites:

Benefit – Gimme BrowVolumizing Fiber Gel

Minimalist Make Up Routine

Benefit – Hello Flawless! PowderFoundation

Benefit - Hello Flawless! PowderFoundation

Kat Von D – Studded Kiss Lipstick (Tijuana shade)

Kat Von D - Studded Kiss Lipstick

What would your three make up essentials?

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