Say No To Man Buns, Ladies!

  • Fauzia Aman and Hira Shah
  • Urwa Hocane
  • Maira Khan

Firstly ladies, it’s not a MAN bun if it’s on your head – ITS’ JUST A BUN! Now, that we have that off our chest, here are reasons why we are so over this trend:

You Look like a Hot Mess:

If you are putting effort to get your hair done then you might as well do something better with it. This bun is not worth the effort, since we think you hardly look put together. This trend was there to quickly throw your hair together on top of your head and not spend too much time fussing on it.

Fauzia Aman and Hira Shah

Does Not Work with Every Outfit:

Many people are trying to create formals looks with this trend and it just doesn’t work. Do not wear it with your formal shalwar kameez, or for that matter any formal outfit. This is a strictly casual hair do!

Urwa Hocane

 Does Not Suit Every Face Type:

Sure, Mahira Khan can pull it off for a shoot but you might not be able to. As we always say, know your face type and know what suits you.

Maira Khan

It Only Looks Sexy on Men:

On our list, only hot dudes with long hair can pull this one off! Here are some pictures, if you don’t believe us:

Here are some of our favorite trending hair-dos as alternatives to this bun:

The Messy Bun

The Messy Bun

The Braided Up-Do

The Braided Up-Do

 The Half Up-Do

The Half Up-Do


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