PLBW 17 Worst Dressed!

PLBW 17 Worst Dressed-1

Stars and Celebrity tried to bring their A-game to the PLBW 17 Black Carpet but failed miserably!

Sorry for the delay guys, but we needed some time to recover from back to back fashion events and even more time for our shitty internet to download the high res. images PLBW 17!

We normally don’t do worst dress lists because we somehow give most A-listers a benefit of the doubt. However this bridal week, we couldn’t help but notice bad dressing everywhere! Here are our least favorite looks from black carpet:

Oh Anush! What even is that fitting? And, what even are those sleeves?!

PLBW 17 Anush Ammar (2) (Large)

We know pant suits are all the rage right now, but we are not feeling Mehek Saeed’s powder pink ensemble at all!

PLBW 17 Mehek Saeed (Large)

We love Misha Lakhani’s designs and we do love this off shoulder cape. But why pair it with black pants and beige wedges?!

PLBW 17 Misha Lakhani (2) (Large)

Faaria Waqas didn’t do justice to our favorite designer’s, Studio S, kimono. Mostly, it was the loud bag that killed the look

PLBW 17 Faaria Waqas (Large)

We have no words. What are those boots? Why do they exist? Why would you even wear them?!

PLBW 17 Sadia Siddiqui (Large)

Amna Niazi has never been on top of style list, so we weren’t that surprised by this look. That jacket could have been worn in a different way to do justice to it. We don’t under the neckline on this shirt nor do we get the point of that choker!

PLBW 17 Amna Niazi (Large)

Armeena Khan’s dress which works as a necklace too, isn’t working for us at all!

7.Armeena Rana Khan (Large)

This kaftan with the chain looks plain old tacky! And, the color pop is not popping at all.

8.Alina Shahid (Large)

We are not feeling this monochrome pink outfit at all. The pant and the vest are slightly ill-fitted and Sajal’s choice of shoes isn’t helping the look in any way.

9.Sajal Aly (Large)

Zahra Saifullah
When people think they know fashion but only follow brand names – this ends up happening. Nothing about this look is coordinated – the bag, the shoes and the jacket seem all out of place and part 3 different looks.

10.Zahraa Saifullah (Large)

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