PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2

PSFW17 Review Day 2

All About Day 2 at PSFW17

Day-2 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW17) started with an afternoon high-street grouped show featuring Cynosure, Faiza Saqlain and March by Ali Merch. This was followed by Luxury Prét evening showcases featuring a solo show by Tena Durrani, a grouped show featuring Shiza Hassan, Saira Rizwan and Amir Adnan, and Ethnic by Outfitters, Cross Stitch and Sapphire.

Day 2 didn’t leave us inspired since most of the collections were pretty average. While we are hoping Day 3 of PSFW17 will make up for this, here is what you missed out today:


PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2 Cynosure

The afternoon show on Day-2 was opened by high-street brand Cynosure which showcased its S/S 2017 collection at PSFW17. Film actresses Noor and Resham walked the ramp as the brand’s celebrity showstopper.

The collection followed a consistent black and white theme which revolved around western wear pieces including high-low tops, kaftans, gharara pants, peplum tops and dresses. Some separates from the collection seem wearable but most of the motifs were a bit too busy. The collection seemed targeted to a younger, more contemporary outfit-wearing market so we were just left really confused when Resham and Noor showed up as show stoppers. Cynosure, if you want 40somethings to wear your outfits then we hate to break it to you, this collection is not going to do too well!

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: If we really have to pick, then the trippy tulip pant

Lauren’s verdict: I’m not really feeling the checkered prints. But I do agree with Zara, If I had to, I can make some separates work from this collection with some serious styling!

Faiza Saqlain

PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2 Faiza Saqlain

Faiza Saqlain showcased her “Dreamer” collection at PSFW17 High Street segment. The collection drew inspiration from innocent imagination of little kids and the designer paid ode to her own kids through this collection. “Dreamer” explored the theme of stillness of adulthood. The collection is a manifestation of the fantastical journey where the designer lives parallel to a life that is full of fantasies and small surprises. A life that is full of candies, carousels, unicorns, glitter and carnival, a life where she is finding her true self again.

The collection included outfits in lime green, coral and watermelon pink with subtle embellishments. Some outfits were stitched immaculately, while some lacked slightly in finesse. The range included a variety of dress, pants and crop tops, and jumpsuits. Film actress and model, Iman Ali, walked the ramp as the brand’s celebrity showstopper. Iman Ali looked fierce while owning the runway and striking the best poses the photographers probably got all day!

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: The straight cut lime green shirt on Amo B!

Lauren’s verdict: The collection has an interesting mix of colors and a spot on monochrome theme. The idea of embellished clothes is very exciting for me so some pieces definitely caught my eye.

March by Ali Merch

PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2 merch ali

March by Ali Merch showcased its “Inauguration” collection at PSFW17’s High-Street segment. The collection drew inspiration from sea foam, loud mascara, & jazz music. It constituted large swathes of denim and aimed to showcase the diversity of denim and its different uses. The purpose was to highlight the fabulous craft of denim washing across Pakistan.
Featuring contemporary cuts, the ensembles were embellished with semi-precious stones and metallic studs. The collection incorporated various techniques such as over-coating, foil printing and lace-work on in-house woven fabrics to give denim an unusual twist. The color palette included hues of blue with hints of black, gold and silver in the trims and accessories.

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: Floral Cape on Rabia Butt

Lauren’s verdict: Personally, I think the cuts were a bit dated and the collection could have better translated the concept behind it.

Tena Durrani

PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2 Tena Durrani

Tena Durrani opened the Luxury Prét showcase with a solo show. The Designer presented her collection, “The Debut – Alchemy”. The collection was a progression from the first ever-contemporary collection that was showcased earlier this year.

The color palette for the collection was based in dark colors, such as greys, gold, blues and maroons. The designer presented a range of contemporary formal wear with heavy embellishments in a variety of cuts. The overall collection was jelled very well together and most of the outfits could easily be worn to an award show or a ball.

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: Range of Grey separates

Lauren’s verdict: Pakistani embellished outfits are really growing on me! I love the finesse of each outfit from this collection – every ensemble seems like a standout piece on its own, while at the same time each piece makes up the puzzle of the collection just as well.

Shiza Hassan

PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2 Shiza

Shiza Hassan showcased her “Lolita” collection at PSFW17’s Luxury Prêt segment. The collection was based on a style movement that started in Japan in the 70’s with an East meets West theme and radical art inspiration.

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The collection featured a mix of traditional Japanese elements incorporated in Shiza Hassan’s signature digital prints. It boasted reembroideries and varied embellishments on a range of fabrics including silks, organza, cottons and leather. The color palette included a wide range of colors from whites to greens and even reds. We really liked the incorporation of sheer fabrics amongst a mostly silk oriented collection.
The cast of the upcoming Pakistani movie, Chalay Thay Saath featuring Syra Shehroz, Zhalay Sarhadi, Mansha Pasha and Kent S. Leung walked the ramp as the brand’s celebrity showstoppers.

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: The outfit on Syra Shahroz

Lauren’s Verdict: The concept behind the collection seems interesting and we see it well translated into the ensembles as well. Some of the cuts stood out to me and the play on the print was fascinating!

Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan showcased her “Summer of Love” collection at PSFW’s Luxury Prêt Grouped Show segment. The collection, inspired by the literary movement “Beat Generation” from 1960s, aimed to iterate a message celebrating peace and love, over war.
“Summer of Love” featured frills and fringes over a variety of loose and flowy silhouettes. The collection incorporated lawn as the primary fabric and made the use of vivid hues such as yellow, blue, red with black and white throughout the range.
Personally we have never been fan of experimenting too much with lawn – it’s the most favourite fabric during the summer season and we like keeping it simple.

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: The shades of yellow used through out

Lauren’s Verdict: The cuts on this collection seemed like something we have seen too many times already. Personally, I like keeping my summer outfits as airy as possible so the embellishments and prints seems a little over the top for me.

Amir Adnan

PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2 Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan showcased his “Revisiting Heritage” collection at PSFW17 ’s Luxury Prét segment. The menswear collection took its inspiration from formal, evening wedding wear of the past.
“Revisiting Heritage” incorporated embroideries, classic craftsmanship and silhouettes that hint at yesteryears of style and suave. This collection paid homage to age-old rich values and traditions following cuts and styles that suit the modern man’s persona even today.
Amir Adnan knows how to do menswear and do it well for the masses. The collection has a little of something everyone and works on many levels.

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: The unsual mint green with gold embellished Shirwani

Lauren’s Verdict: I have been finding this traditional Pakistani jacket trend quite fascinating! It adds a certain level of masculinity to the person wearing it. This time around, I have discovered a new tradition; the man necklace (that too, layered)!

Ethnic By Outfitters

PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2 Outfitters

Ethnic by Outfitters showcased its “Denim Patched-Up” collection at PSFW17. The street style collection revolved around offbeat and avant-garde fashion inspired by contemporary culture of urban street people.
“Denim Patched-Up” incorporated fabrics such as organza, grip silk, denim, high twist and net with experimentation in cuts. The collection aimed to inspire the youth to customize garments in their own hip flamboyant way with a strong focus on individuality.
Firstly, we want to know something – did Ethnic forget its brand name? Did it think it was Outfitters or a street style brand? The entire collection left us really confused. Only a few jackets somewhat resonated with the brand persona. Leaving that aside, the collection on its own was all over the place. The sheer nets, strings and ruffles, and even the emojis did not work for us. We think the design team needs to go back to the drawing board and rethink its future direction…

Cross Stitch

PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2 Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch showcased its “Holographic Memory” collection at PSFW17. “Holographic” incorporated luxurious fabrics and unique embellishments. This collection was exclusively designed for the strong and confident woman. It made use of opulent fabrics, detailing and intricate hand sequin embellishments. Craftsmanship was an integral feature of the collection.
The craftsmanship was truly evident in each piece and its structure. The matching separates brought the brand out in a new light and we absolutely love this new direction! Also, did we mention we love complete collections already? Kudos on the complimenting accessories and matching flats!

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: Every single pant from the collection if we had to pick just one thing!

Lauren’s Verdict: The finesse of the entire collection is pretty evident in each ensemble. I love how each outfit is structured and the way each separate is paired together!


PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 2 Sapphire

Day-2 of PSFW17  final showcase was presented by Pakistan’s most coveted high-street retail brand Sapphire with its ramp debut at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Sapphire unveiled its Luxury Prét line with an exclusive collection, titled “Totem”. The collection draws its inspiration from oriental art and narrative paintings.
“Totem” featured an earthy color palette with silhouettes that are current, fluid and that essentially define the ease of ready-to-wear. The endearing spirit animals, juxtaposed against Wind, Water and Air elements symbolizing the freedom of spirit and innate strength within all Sapphire woman. The collection boasted oversized jackets and off-shoulder frilled tops with flared pants varying in length. The collection incorporated a range of organic fabrics such as pure linen and cotton with silk finishing.
Sapphire has known what they are doing and what the brand stands from day 1, and this collection just proves that further. Each piece told a complete story on it’s own. Though many seem over the top at first glance, but these outfits have the ability to make you stand out from the crowd while being practical at the same time! The accessories and the shoes were on point as well.

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: Every blue piece, because of its our favorite shade!

Lauren’s Verdict: This collection was a breathe of fresh air from Day 2. Since I don’t know Sapphire like Zara does, Totem is my first impression of the brand. And, it’s an amazing one! I love the cuts – realistic, unsual and artsy all at the same time.

Zara Khalid

Co-Founder & Editor

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