PSFW17 – Ramp Review Day 3

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3

All About Day 3 at PSFW17

Day 3 of PSFW17 started with an afternoon voile/lawn grouped show featuring So Kamal, Noor by Saadia Asad and Rang Rasiya. This was followed by Luxury Prét evening showcases featuring, a solo show by Sana Safinaz, a grouped show featuring Khaadi Khaas, Adnan Pardesy, Asifa & Nabeel and Republic by Omer Farooq. Ali Xeeshan closed this year’s fashion week with a solo show.

Day 3 of PSFW17 left us even more baffled than day two! We were expecting a bit too much from fashion week this time around and it did not live up to the hype. While we are still trying to figure out PSFW17, here is what you missed out today:

So Kamal

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3 So Kamal

So Kamal made its PSFW17 debut with “Mughal Sway”. The collection draws its inspiration from the Mughal era. “Mughal Sway” was all about giving a contemporary touch to the traditional craft. The collection incorporated Mughal era inspired bold patterns and chunky, stone-encrusted embroideries in its ethnic wear.
From the peony to the chrysanthemum, the trellises of wild roses and the ubiquitous lotus, geometric printed forms and embroidered flowers all took bloom on the finest quality of fabrics such as grip, chiffon and lawn with special finish like aloe vera comfort. It also featured exquisite tilla work, ruffles, flairs and flowy silhouettes on a color palette of bright and deep hues.

Noor By Saadia Asad

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3 Noor By Saadia

Noor by Saadia Asad showcased its “Daastan-e-Noor” collection at PSFW17 Lawn segment. The collection was a high-street version of the label’s latest lawn range. “Daastan-e-Noor” incorporated prints inspired by bold botanical elements with a fusion of modern ornaments on a blend of lawn, chiffon and silk. The collection boasted a range of shalwars, shift dresses, peplums and drapes in refreshing colors. It also featured an exquisite range for kids.

Rang Rasiya

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3 Noor By Rang Rasiya

Rang Rasiya showcased its “Spring Canvas” collection at PSFW17 Lawn segment. From curving lines to gilt and gold, the collection was art inspired from the timeless European patterns and Medieval French Roses.
“Spring Canvas” featured intricate embroideries and subtle laces on traditional yet contemporary silhouettes. Based on a diverse color palette of soft pastels and vivid hues, the collection incorporated the finest quality of fabrics ranging from jacquards, silk, chiffon, net and lawn.

FNTL’s verdict on the lawn segment: Personally, we didn’t see the point of having a lawn segment when most lawn collections have already been released. The patterns and designs are hard to see unless you are up-close and personal with the pieces. And, the designers could not innovate much on the cuts and silhouettes because of the limitations of the fabric. We recommend just a presentation for the lawn segment instead a runway show for future.

Sana Safinaz

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3 Noor By Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz showcased its “Chateau Marmont” collection in a solo show at PSFW17’s Luxury Prêt segment. The collection draws its inspiration from the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood.
“Chateau Marmont” featured intricately crafted floral motifs in beadwork, embellished embroidery and dramatic appliqué on silks and plush cotton blends. The collection boasted a variety of silhouettes ranging from structured to dramatic on an enriching color palette that includes jewel tones, pinks and a nod to monochrome.
Sana Safinaz has remained consistent with their collections over the past couple of years. They know they design philosophy and they are sticking to it. We enjoyed the pops of colors after the bland lawn ranges. And, the structured cuts and 3D embellishments totally worked!

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: The spread of a floral pattern on an otherwise simple outfit

Lauren’s verdict: I really liked the bright colors. My favorites from this collection have to be the silk solids! This collection seems like one of those that works in Pakistan and has the potential to make the cut in the US as well.

Khaadi Khas

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3 Noor By Khaadi Khaas

Khaadi Khaas showcased “The Nomad” collection at PSFW’s Luxury Prêt Grouped Show segment. The collection interpreted Central Asian rural crafts to modern aesthetics.
“The Nomad” featured contemporized eastern silhouettes, voluminous straight cuts and large scale prints embellished with chains, studs and leather foil sheets. An intermix of pure fabrics such as silk, crepe and organza on a tribal color palette constituted the entire collection.
Khaadi Khas hit it out of the park with this collection. Every single piece was outstanding and resonated with the theme of the collection. Each ensemble was well thought out and created a complete outfit. From the prints to the emblements, everything worked for us in this collection!

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: Everything! Our favorite collection from PSFW!7

Lauren’s Verdict: Hippie Chic is always a winning theme for me. I’m highly intrigued looking the color platte and the embellishments in this collection. Plus, the accessories and the shoes are so point too!

Adnan Pardesy

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3 Noor By Adnan Pardesi

Adnan Pardesy showcased his “Quixotic” collection at PSFW17’s Luxury Prêt segment. The collection drew inspiration from the idea of “uncluttered simplicity”. Apart from a range of ensembles for women, the showcase also featured a select menswear line.
Integrating luxe fabrics such as silk organza and charmeuse, “Quixotic” boast embellished shalwars, summer layering and jackets in a variety of silhouettes. The eclectic color palette included hues of pastel, blue, beige, pink, ivory and yellow. In-line with his inspiration, Adnan Pardesy incorporated specific techniques such as; tone-on-tone embroidery, fabric texturing, fabric weaving, cut work and geometric patterns. “Quixotic” was complemented by jewelry from Kiran Fine Jewelry from the ‘”Alchemy of Time” Collection.
The collection was embellished in the simplest way possibly and it totally worked with the color palette. The accessories further contributed to the collection and added complex depth to it.

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: The range of blue outfits and the earrings!

Lauren’s Verdict: There were very few collections that seemed interesting enough that you wanted to stare at the clothes for a while and this one was definitely one of those. I’m totally intrigued by the accessories and how the compliment the clothes as well.

Asifa & Nabeel

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3 Noor By Asifa Nabeel

The duo Asifa and Nabeel showcased their “Seraphine” ‘collection at PSFW17’s Luxury Prêt segment. The collection drew its inspiration from the fresh young urban spirit of the feminism. It was an evocation of natural, luminous femininity. The collection celebrated the splendor and radiance of a glowing femininity.
The collection was in a varied range of colors including, white, peach, deep blue and black. Some of the pieces stood out and have the potential to make interesting separates. While others reminded us of high street brand pieces that have already been in the market for some time. The collection was stitched well and over all consisted of finely structured pieces.

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: The sheer blue cape

Lauren’s Verdict: I have mixed feelings about this collection but as an over arching stance, I think it’s sellable. As with many collections seen on the previous days, some pieces from this collection can make interesting outfits if styled well.

Republic by Omar Farooq

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3 Republic by Omer Farooq

Republic by Omer Farooq showcased its “PARADOX” collection at PSFW17. The collection took its inspiration from the Japanese work-play balance. “Paradox” explored the contradicting sub-cultures that seem to harmoniously evolving with one another, much like the current state of fashion that is generated by a number of opposing influences seamlessly blending into each other.
The collection made use of cotton, denim, jersey, tropical wool and a variety of silks to create structured silhouettes. The color palette for the collection was based in primitive colors like black, white and grey. These showcased utility and practicality synonymous with Japanese industrial workers. Detailing the pieces in bursts of color and collage like photographs balanced the ensembles and took into account the fast paced nightlife prevalent in Japan.
The collection was current, young and hip. And, it worked on every level!

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: The orange, blue and white shirt!

Lauren’s Verdict: I could have easily seen something like this at New York Fashion Week. Each piece was a style statement in itself and met international standard of the fashion industry.

Ali Xeeshan

PSFW17 Ramp Review Day 3 Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan showcased his “Victory” collection at PSFW17 Luxury Prêt segment and closed this year’s fashion week. The collection drew inspiration from the success stories of the ones who found fame and fortune outside the hallowed halls of high school. ‘
“Victory” comprised of neat cut lines, feminine flare and couture tailoring. The collection incorporated cotton based materials along with 3D embellishments to reflect the storyline. The color palette boasted organic white with accents of vivid hues such as cobalt blue, exotic orange and retro pink.
The collection featured over the top Ali Xeeshan color palette but it missed the overall oomph factor that is always present in his bridal collections. Some of the materials didn’t gel well together, and some materials were too simple in their entirety for the over the top floral embellishments. We were definitely expecting more from the final show and Ali Xeeshan! We are now hoping for another stellar bridal collection in September from him to make up for this.

FNTL’s Favorite Bit: The color blocked shirts with 3D flowers

Lauren’s Verdict: The embellishments were interesting and so was the use of the floral prints. I think the collection lacked the practicality and wearability bit, but it definitely made for an interesting show.

Zara Khalid

Co-Founder & Editor

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