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Craving Lebanese food in Dubai? Here is a round of our favorite, Leila Dubai! The diversity in the culinary scene in Dubai has grown tremendously over the years. However, one of the most popular and oldest cuisine introduced in Dubai has been Lebanese. It’ll be an absolute sin and disgrace for a food lover to not try out one of the most popular Middle Eastern cuisine in the very hub of the Middle Eastern region! So we ventured on and visit Leila Dubai. Leila Dubai has now become one of

A roundup of our experience at Eataly Dubai at Dubai Festival City So, drawing from my previous reviews, it’s quite apparent that I absolutely devour good juicy burgers and sliders. Hence, I’m always on a lookout for good burger joints. However, a real foodie can and should never put limits especially when you’re residing in a city that offers the most diverse culinary experiences. One of my favorite cuisines, that I absolutely love and can have anytime of the day, is Italian. It’s truly amazing how the simplest of ingredients

So, last weekend was a fun catching up session with a few friends back from grad school. Little did I know that we were meeting up at a vegetarian restaurant! Had I known that, the carnivore in me would have definitely either abandoned the plan or forced to change the restaurant. However, I am so glad that I was unaware of these details.I ended up having great vegetarian food for the first time at a great vegetarian restaurant – Ottimo! Ottimo is located in the busy streets of Oud Metha

It’s been exactly three months since I moved to Dubai and probably 60% of that time has been spent eating out and trying out different burger joints. So abandoning the shawarmas, falafels, hummus and all other Middle Eastern specialties, I dove into the craze of finding the best sliders. (Needless to say I still love my Arabic food!) My top pick so far has been Slider Station! Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, Slider Station serves the juiciest sliders ever! These are the kind that will just melt in

FNTL tried out weekend brunch at Markette and here is a round up of our experience Weekends mean food exploration and not just coincidental trying out random cafes that you come across in malls. And also, life partner serving as food partner time! My husband is a morning person and coffeeholic so we ended up having breakfast at this restaurant called “Markette” in Box Park, Dubai on a Saturday at around 10 30 a.m. Yes, I deliberately mentioned the time because hello, it’s the weekend and we are up at

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