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Inside… Project Rich


Meet the brains behind Project Rich: Madiha Saail Khan Project Rich has been making statement jewelry and creating a name for itself for quiet sometime now. The genius behind the brand, Madiha Saail Ahmed Khan, is a Creative Director by night and a Pharmacist by day! We caught up with Madiha to find out more about the “artistic soul with a scientists mind” and know everything about Project Rich. How did you get into your field? I’m a third generation pharmacist, so I pretty much inherited it from my forefathers.

Visual arts seem to be growing world wide and in Pakistan as well. We caught up with an amazing visual artist, Arsalan Pirzada, and talked about his inspirations, work experience and more: How did you get into your field/decide your career path? It may sound clichéd but “Divine Destiny” played its wildest card. My mind was set on becoming a Civil Engineer, but as it turned out I had no luck with Mathematics and Chemistry and even today I get scared when I think about them! Upon a surreal suggestion

Ali Khurshid – Capturing Beauty and Happiness all over Pakistan For those of you living under a rock – Ali Khurshid is one of the most sought after photographers in Pakistan. If you are remotely interested in any type of photography, even wedding photography, you would know about him or his venture, Lighthouse. I have been following Ali Khurshid’s work for some time now and admiring the brilliance of it. When I traveled to Karachi for Sharmila Faruqi and Hisham Sheikh’s wedding, I was hoping to get a picture taken

Inside… 9Lines

Inside… 9Lines - Featured

Meet the creative geniuses behind 9Lines! 9Lines has to be everyone’s favorite brand right now. It is a funky label that breathes fresh air into outfits and accessories. They create in house graphic prints that are transferred onto tops, cushions, journals and accessories, adding a sense of innovation and creativity. 9Lines merge fashion and art in a way that makes every product stand out. Ever wondered who were the creative masterminds behind 9Lines? Meet Hassan Iqbal Rizvi and Saad Shahid. They co-founded the company and now Saad manages the brand

Meet the Rising Talents in Footwear and Jewelry: Hina Fatima and Rida Fatima Asif! The Pakistani Fashion Industry is growing every day. It is booming with very talented people that are the faces behind well-known brands and the forces behind new ventures every day. We got a chance to speak to two such young power houses that are changing the industry for the better – Hina Fatima, from the footwear industry, and Rida Fatima Asif from the jewelry industry. Find out how each of them is making waves here: Name:

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