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Who Runs the World? Girls! Do Your Own Thing (DYOT) just released a first look and it’s all everyone can talk about it! The new ready to wear clothing brand, came up with an interesting advertising campaign – a bunch of girls gathered in Anarkali Bazaar and surprised everyone (there and on social media) with a flash mob. According to DYOT, there is no agenda or social cause involved with the flash mob, it is “just a bunch of creative people owning a place in the way they want to.”

When Lay’s Met Careem

Lay’s Met Careem - Featured

#LaysSmileRide Just Took the Country by Storm! In a genius collaboration Lay’s become the first brand to take advantage of the hype around app-based cab booking service, Careem. The two joined hands to bring a smile on everyone’s faces as part of Lay’s Pass A Smile Campaign. Careem customers got a 25% discount on their ride and a few lucky ones were given the chance to be driven around by celebrities! Nadia Hussain, a model and entrepreneur, and Anoushey Ashraf, a VJ and actress, drove around a few lucky Careem

In a recent video, Fomo Daily, asked random people to stalk Pakistani celebrities on Instagram, including Aiza Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Sanam Baloch and Mawra Hocane. They deliberated if they would like, unfollow or direct message these celebrities based on their Instagram feed. Their reactions left us in fits. Here is the verdict: Aiza Khan Comments: “Really really beautiful” “Royalty” “She seems very regal in the way she holds herself” “She looks like a beautiful princess” Final Verdict: Like Mehwish Hayat Comments: “What a great name!” “She seems very

Can’t get this song out of your head? Neither can we! The genius that is Coca Cola’s marketing, has worked its magic in Pakistani advertising again. In a powerhouse performance, duo Umair Jaswal and Meesha Shafi, have gotten Zalima Coca Cola Pila De stuck in every Pakistani’s head. The ad comes just in time for Coke Studio’s season 9 release, and has reached over 3 million views on Facebook alone! As soon as the song surfaced the Internet, memes, tweets, videos and comments started rolling in. And, the Internet trolls