Top 5 Collections from PSFW17 – Generation by Khadija Rehman

PSFW17 Generation by kahdija

Here are FNTL’s favorite collection from PSFW17

The tenth PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW17) officially commenced on 13th April 2017, also marking the eighth consistent year of the prêt a porter platform. As announced, PFDC introduced an evolved show concept and structure. Continuing with the structured approach to fashion showcases, PFDC team built on their commitment to 3 distinct platforms within PSFW17 – With separate and dedicated showcases for Luxury/Prêt designers, High-Street brands and Textile houses this year.

All three days of PSFW17 were somewhat of a fashion disappointment. Many collections seemed like a half-hearted attempt at high street fashion by designers who usually do well with bridal collections. Despite this, we still managed to pick a few collections that worked on many levels. These designers managed to score a home run with their collections – One of our top 5 picks is:

Generation by Khadija Rehman

Generation by Khadija Rahman showcased its “Bring Basant Back” collection. The collection drew inspiration from the festival of Basant that made Lahore what it was; cheerful, jubilant and in a very endearing way, ruthless and competitive. The collection represented the high-street brand’s silent protest demanding to have the city’s most beloved festival back and definitely pulled at our heartstrings. “Bring Basant Back” paid ode to the colorful festival and essentially explores the passion of kites.

Inspired from the shape, construction and patchwork of locally made patangs (kites), the collection explored infinity in forms. One shape joins another to add a new life through its ranges titled “Uran Patola” “Guddi Kat”, “Lapaita” and “Rang De Basanti”. The designs incorporated Korean patchwork technique called Pojagi along with Persian miniature paintings. It also revived the androgynous, elongated and structured sub-continental menswear silhouettes from the 90s.

The color palette consisted of gradational hues of flesh pinks, flaming oranges and reds paired with sky, kale, turquoise and teal accented with fuchsia, wood brown and lapis blue. “Bring Basant Back” featured chapkans, angrakha, kurta, Balochi kurta and  in a range of fabrics including fine voile, organza, pinstripe and striped cotton and poplin. They incorporated various intricate techniques, such as patchwork and layering using sheers, buckles, straps, cut outs and landscapes in its latest collection.

The collection took a stab at international political slogans as well as telling our politicians to wake up and bring this cultural festival back. Khadija Rehman raised an issue close to our heart with a collection that brought a new definition to high street brand designs. Layered silhouettes, and the combination of sheer fabrics with every day materials, like voile, gave an interesting spin to the ensembles. Pairing current trends, like crop tops and flared pants, with traditional ones, such as angrakhas and dupattas, made “Bring Basant Back” a very “Generation” collection.

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Zara Khalid

Co-Founder & Editor

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